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Frequently Asked Questions

And Some Honest Answers

Q: Why should I buy aftermarket parts and accessories for my vehicle?

A: OEM Passenger Automobile manufacturers produce millions of vehicle every year. In order to save money, they use parts and products that have low quality standards and low quality materials. Although these inferior products do the job and pass safety standards tests, there are not always adequate. Aftermarket companies manufacture products that are engineered to a higher standard, that the average person can afford, so that their vehicle can be upgraded and therefore perform more efficiently.

Q: I have seen prices for parts on the internet that are much cheaper than yours. Why don't I just buy the parts I need online?

A: There are a few reasons for the difference in price, and why it's best for you to stay away from online e-Commerce sites. Everyone knows that online prices are almost always in U.S. Dollars. You have to account for the difference in the dollar before anything else. You then must account for shipping & handling. Most people do not realize that there is a fee associated with the import and export of automotive parts across the border. It is called brokerage, and it normally costs about $30-$50 for every delivery, regardless of size. This fee is separate from the fee for shipping the product. In addition, each time the product itself transfers hands, the price is most likely marked up in order for that organization to be profitable and stay in business. Even if you decide to pick up the product yourself, you will easily spend more money in the trip than the cost of shipping once you include the fuel, the food, and any other miscellaneous stops you have to make for the wife along the way. If you have a problem with an item that you purchase online, who do you talk to? Or if that product is faulty, who do you send it to? And who will pay for it to be returned? Where is my credit card number going, and who has access to it? All of these questions are perfect reasons for you to purchase product from local area stores to be sure that you have a worry free shopping experience. Above all else, putting your money back into a local marketplace strengthens our community and will effectively help to keep our economy out of these recessionary times.

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